Tuesday, April 1, 2008


Meet Abba.

Pretty, isn't she? She's our first foster-pup, and we're in love. Well, we're not quite in love with the whole dog thing.. getting up at 6am for a 40 minute walk before work.. rushing home after work (and thus skipping the barn) for another 20-40 minute walk.. being serenaded until midnight... But I'm sure falling for this dog!

Look at how good she is on a leash! She pulled a bit on the first outing, but now she stays right by your side, keeping pace.

Every time I interact with her, I'm amazed by how smart she is. Who said greys were jocks?! ;) (Of course I have the nerdy grey.) She has adjusted very quickly to life off the track.... Cats, stairs, wood floors, baths, back seats of cars, strange dogs and unknown people.. notta a problem! Abba is one confident little lady.

The one thing she doesn't understand yet is how to play. I think she needs a nice, safe, fenced in area and another grey or two to help her out with that....


Bea said...

Uh oh, sounds dangerous ;-) Does that mean that there will be more additions so they can learn to play?? Seriously though, congratulations!!

stella said...

She's beautiful!

BTW - I tagged you. :) Go see my blog for info.