Friday, April 18, 2008

Spring time =....?

Being from Florida, I never thought much of spring. It's not really a season that exists there. The one thing that marked spring for me was the arrival of the foals.

This is my second spring up in Maryland, and my second away from the farm. I really need to go visit and see the new babies. Actually, I feel terrible - I don't even know which mares are due!

It's hard not to fall in love with every foal. They are so full of wonder, and are so darn cute! I really miss working with them.. and I miss being greeted every morning with nickers and love. *Someday* I'm going to work with foals again!

Unfortunately, I find it difficult to justify breeding more horses/ponies when the U.S. is already swamped with them.. so my kidhood dreams of being a small time Welsh pony breeder will likely never come true. But I'd surely like to go play with other people's babies!


stella said...

We only bred one mare last year, and it appears that she either didn't take, or something happened, so no babies for us this year. :(

But they're breeding 4 maresthis spring, so if you want to drive up from MD to play with our kids, feel free!!

Bea said...

We have foals galore starting to appear in the forest. I have beem temporarily forbidden to go through Burley as Muttley's mum will be there with her foal ;-) Clive can just imagine me coming home with another one!

Emily said...

Stella - are they all Paints? I just love spotty babies....!

Bea - I would love to hear more about the forest! Who owns it? How does one acquire a pony from it?