Saturday, October 27, 2007

In Memory...

.. of Dragon's Lair Goldwing (*Blaengwen Dafydd y Gwas x Madoc Erian, *Kentchurch Chime). 2006 Welsh Cob filly.

.. and of Norman, the terrier who ruled the farm, and warmed the laps of all who sat.

Friday, October 19, 2007


Life has been hectic, with 10 family members packed into my little 2 bedroom place.. getting Addy ready for another move.. house hunting.. and lots of "touristy" stuff. It's been fun though!

The knitting part of the Luggy Bonnet is done - we'll see how long it takes me to get through the weaving in, blocking, and sewing. So many little ends to weave in! I'm thinking the other niece will end up getting a different hat. Perhaps the Piggle?

My mother is hooked on knitting again! (How do I not have a picture of her with her gorgeous, almost-finished Silk Garden scarf??) I had a fantastic time learning about the history of knitting and other fiber arts in our family. Through the years I've proudly inherited a cardigan that my mother knit when she was a teenager, as well as a gorgeous cream coat that my grandmother knit years ago. I hope to get my hands on something that my great-grandmother created as well. Being at least a fourth generation knitter is too cool. Even more incentive to get my nieces into it someday.

Baltimore is such a fun place to be a knitter. Mom and I visited almost all of the area yarn shops, as well as one in Richmond. Oh my - such eye candy everywhere! The best part is that each store has its own unique personality. And all were brimming over with treasures. In love!!

Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In trouble now...

I didn't understand the whole sock knitting craze. Yeah, they're quick and easy. And boy do I love socks. (I like mine argyle, stripey.. preferably knee-high) But why spend $20+ on a pair of socks that you have to make yourself?

Ah, but now I understand. It's all about.. the shoes.

I'm not a shoe girl. I like my Doc boots, and my $5 flip flops suit me just fine. But my old short Docs have finally been retired, and needing something else, I have finally splurged on some fantastic Mary Janes.

These babies just scream for some kick ass socks. Socks that one can't find in any store. $20+ socks that I knit myself.

Oh boy.

(That's some Mountain Colors sock yarn in the picture.. yarn I was in love with but had no idea what to do with before these shoes!)