Tuesday, October 2, 2007

In trouble now...

I didn't understand the whole sock knitting craze. Yeah, they're quick and easy. And boy do I love socks. (I like mine argyle, stripey.. preferably knee-high) But why spend $20+ on a pair of socks that you have to make yourself?

Ah, but now I understand. It's all about.. the shoes.

I'm not a shoe girl. I like my Doc boots, and my $5 flip flops suit me just fine. But my old short Docs have finally been retired, and needing something else, I have finally splurged on some fantastic Mary Janes.

These babies just scream for some kick ass socks. Socks that one can't find in any store. $20+ socks that I knit myself.

Oh boy.

(That's some Mountain Colors sock yarn in the picture.. yarn I was in love with but had no idea what to do with before these shoes!)

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amber said...

yeah I didn't get the sock thing for the first few years I knit. and I love socks... just seemed to expensive and kind silly. but somehow I'm on my third pair now :) and I so love wearing them.

Thanks for the nice comment on my handspun .

I love your new shoes!