Friday, August 21, 2009


Ryan and I recently got back from a week long visit with the family in Florida. I was so happy to be back with everyone, but a little sad to see how big my nieces and nephews have gotten in our absence. I wish that we lived closer and could spend more time with them before they're all grown up and off to college.

There was lots of splashing in the pools...

Some walking on the beach...

Sand castle construction (and destruction)...

Quiet neighbors...

Obligatory afternoon storms...

And a trip to the farm. (More on that later.)

There was also of course lots of good food, but I was generally too busy when it was around to snap any photos. ;)

I miss it already.

Monday, August 3, 2009


My desk is a bit of a mess. Perhaps there was a yarn explosion. Or, at least, some yarn multiplication. No finished projects in awhile, just a lot of teeny tiny stockinette and a good deal of frogging.

There is a half-finished cardigan. Paper Crane, designed by Kirsten Johnstone. Certainly the most ambitious project I've embarked upon thus far... laceweight linen from Habu, nearly 1 mile of it when completed.

I still have the arms to go, obviously. But I couldn't resist blocking it and reveling in the incredible color and drape of this yarn.

The garden is a mess as well. We've had a week of rain, and the plants are overjoyed. I love it!