Monday, March 28, 2011

Spinnin' spinnin' spinnin'

Lots and lots of spinning going on around here...

Fat Cat Knits BFL in "Buster," 2 ply:

Fat Cat Knits Falkland in "Electra," navajo plied:

Cosy Makes Falkland in "Memory" (club fiber), singles:

Fat Cat Knits (noticing a trend here?) Falkland in "Wizard Island," navajo plied:

Mystery (Ashland Bay?) merino in greens:

And, a very proud moment... my first 6 oz. of Sequin (my first fleece)! This skein is 2 ply, spun from the carded waste left over from combing my first paper bag full of fleece.

I know that the combing waste is normally tossed in the trash, but the waste was every bit as long and pretty as the fiber that survived the combing. So rather than trash it, I carded it up and savored each minute of spinning it. It's really lovely stuff, if I may say so.

The yarn surprised me - it has shine, halo, and is going to drape well. It's also not as soft as I'd envisioned, which is perfectly fine with me. Gonna make some lovely shawls, I think!

Saturday, March 26, 2011


Well, despite the fact that it's now spring-time, the temperature today is in the 30s, and we're supposed to get snow tomorrow. Ugh. But! Ryan and I were in Florida a few weeks ago (very short weekend trip) soaking up the sun... and spring was in full swing there.

I think it will tide us over for a bit.

Here is our spring so far: Buds!!

While in Florida visiting wonderful family, we also got to visit with our other family out at Dragon's Lair. Everyone is looking well, but Dafydd (Addy's sire) was the only one to pose for the camera.

He makes my heart pitter patter.

Spring? C'mon!!