Sunday, April 20, 2008

Abba has gone home

Yesterday an approved adopter came over to see Miss Abba, and was instantly smitten. I convinced her to take a look at one other dog (she already had the appointment), but she called me right after to say that Abba was the one. So - Abba went home yesterday! I'm so happy for the pair - they seem very well suited. And Abbs was extremely happy to see her when she came back that second time!

I'll miss having her around and going on our long walks.. but I am very excited to have more time now. There has been a definite lack of Squirrel and Addy time lately. Plus, we'll be getting our next foster in May.

I went out to see Addy yesterday, and all the horses were snoozing around the watering hole. I guess they've finally gotten their fill of that green grass! This is just one corner of their 40-something rolling acres...

Addy is shedding - I love this time of year. Haha. I was covered head to toe in orange hair almost instantly. You can't really tell from the picture, but her undercoat is that dark purpley chestnut.. so gorgeous.. but it looks funny with all the sunburnt orange! Too bad her dark coat will get bleached very quickly this year. (She lived in a shaded sandlot (perfect for ponies!) down in Florida, and had the most amazingly shiny, dappled coat)

We had our second "real" ride of the year. She was, as always, wonderful. We are both decidedly out of shape, unbalanced, and uncoordinated.. but I don't think it will take too long to get it back.

Edit: I forgot to add the Proud Mommy brag.. Addy's with the "cool kids" in this picture. That's Pie, behind her.. the boss man's main girl. And those dark legs and ears sticking out in the far back are Boomer, Mr. Boss Man himself. Addy attached herself to Boomer almost immediately upon becoming part of the herd, but she teases all the other boys too. Asifa, the older unbroke Arabian gelding, screamed for her the entire time I had her out yesterday. Silly boy. Or maybe my girl's just a little slutty. ;)


Bea said...

It's good that Abba has a permanent home, fingers crossed all goes well for her. Lovely pics, as ever, and glad you had a good ride. I tried to take pics of foals on the forest for you but Moon was not having any of it. She does NOT like foals, bless her. Not an ounce of maternal instinct in that mare ;-)

Emily said...

That's so funny that Moon doesn't like foals. I wonder if she'd change her mind if it were her own foal.

I can't imagine how neat it must be to go riding where you do!