Sunday, January 27, 2008

Places to go...

Swallow Falls in Western MD

Crown Fountain, Millennium Park, Chicago

Every year I talk about places I want to go. Rarely do I ever make it to most of them. Half the time I forget until the timing is all wrong. So.. this year I've made a list of places I think I can make it to in '08. And I'm putting it up here, because this little yellow sticky on my desk is losing its stickiness.

Chicago, IL
Richmond, VA
Lancaster County, PA
Philadelphia, PA
West Virginia
Western Maryland
Louisville, KY
some part of the Appalachian Trail - perhaps NH?

Now, I guess that's a rather funny list, since I've already been to over half of the places on it, and many could be just day/weekend trips because they're so close. But since we just bought a house, and since we want to explore every bit of the US, it seems like a good start to me.

on top of Spruce Knob, WV

part of the Japanese garden at Maymont, in Richmond, VA

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