Friday, January 4, 2008


(Sorry for the crappy picture - my old monitor was forcefully retired, and my temporary replacement is tinged pink. . which makes color/contrast correction rather difficult.)

My Malabrigo lace project is nearing completion - hopefully by the end of the day it will even be blocked! Then comes the hard part.. deciding what to do next! Luckily, I have many options. My stash of yarn isn't huge, but thanks to Ravelry, I have projects to go with most of it. And then I have things to finish up - like my brother's long-awaited Crime of Fashion, my Elisa tote, and a "long and pink" scarf requested by my youngest niece, Lilly.

I've always been indecisive though. How do I choose?

Speaking of.. how do I choose which cookies I want to bake next? Should I give in and make them all, and bring batches to all of my new neighbors? That just seems so.. Wisteria Lane.

Options are nice. Except when you're indecisive.

(Despite what she says, she's no help at all.)

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stella said...

Ooh, I just finished the Nest Tote for a Christmas present.. nice pattern, and it knits up quick. :)