Friday, January 18, 2008

Zeebee #3!

I can't decide if I love winter or hate it. The cold, crispy days make me almost feel it'd be okay for winter to be the only season - days with snowball fights and hot cocoa. But then, most winter days, at least in Baltimore, aren't like that. They're drippy, soggy, icky days where you feel far colder than the thermometer says you should feel.

Today is drippy. But that's okay, because I have a goofy pony to keep me company, and a Zeebee to keep my head warm.

That's my Zeebee in action.. knit up in one night with Beaverslide's fisherman weight wool, it's the friendliest of hats. Everyone should have one.

And a trio of hats.. since '08 thus far is the year of the hat. The Zeebee's on top, followed by my Koolhaas (I swear the Koolhaas wasn't intended for me - it just fit!), and a Cap Karma hat for a friend.

Koolhaas, by Jared Flood
Interweave Knits Holiday '08 issue
Dream in Color Classy, "cocoa kiss"

This hat, thanks to both the yarn and the pattern, is subtle and sophisticated. It's also just damn cool. I plan on making another for myself in some unruly color of Malabrigo when I get a chance.

The Cap Karma is done in Manos del Uruguay, in "olive." I'm happy with how it turned out, and love the color.. but was less-than-thrilled with the yarn (which is rough and doesn't show the cable pattern well). Oh well, time to move on!

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