Wednesday, June 4, 2008

Today was a long day. One of those days that would make you swear that time was moving backwards. And it was made even longer by a faulty a/c unit at work and an afternoon rain storm that left the highways at a standstill.

So what a pleasant surprise to find a package in the mail at home! And not just any package, but one from a person living in another country.. a person I've never met. A package full of the most wonderful things!

Included were two booklets about the New Forest.. one is a Visitor's Guide with enticing pictures.. the other is a book of stories. (And oh, how I love stories!) But I was most amazed by the lovely hand knit mohair scarf. I keep looking at it, amazed that someone who knows me only through Ravelry and blogs would take the time to knit this for me. It is beautiful, and I will cherish it. (And as I told Bea - it will get lots of use because I'm not at all fond of the cold!!)

How refreshing that there do exist, in this crazy world, people who are so thoughtful and kind. I'm inspired.

Thank you, Bea!

(Someday I'll get a better picture of the scarf!)

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Bea said...

LOL, that pic is just fine. Glad you like it.