Sunday, June 29, 2008

About time... introduce Monell, our latest foster.

I was a little unsure about fostering him, since he is a return and has some issues. He's turning out to be incredibly easy, however.. as well as a lot of fun. This boy already knows all the basic commands, and will perform tricks for you (without solicitation) if he thinks you might be hiding a treat. He can be a bit aloof at times, but loves it when you get down on the floor with him.

Dogs have been flying out of here, and I'm definitely enjoying having this guy around. I hope he sticks for awhile.

As for knitting... this orange Blue Sky Alpaca Skinny Dyed Cotton has tempted me every time I've gone into Spinters. I haven't been able to capture it's color properly, but the name does it: Squash.

It's being turned into a Drawstring Chemise from the Spring '08 IK. I had to modify the pattern for a heavier weight yarn, and my own measurements. I also lengthened the midsection by about 1.5". I'm hoping that during blocking I can squeeze another inch or so of length out - it still seems a little bit short.

Perhaps I'm just abnormally proportioned, though. ;) I did have a heckuva time finding a backpacking pack that would even come close to fitting. I'm too skinny for even the XS size of the Gregory Deva (my top choice).. and it was about 3 inches too short for my torso. (I finally ended up with an XS Osprey Aura 65, though it's still about an inch too short.)

Anyway. I enjoyed the pattern, and would even consider knitting it again with a different yarn. Something wool/silk, possibly.

Next new project in the knitting queue is the decidedly girly Rusted Root. Thanks to a wonderful destashing knitter on Ravelry, I have some brilliant red Cotton Fleece that I am extremely excited about....


ponyknit said...

Adorable pup, lovely chemise! Love the color!

Bea said...

Love the pup pic. I'm very impressed with the chemise, looks fab and the colour is gorgeous.

Emily said...

Thanks, ladies! :)