Thursday, November 29, 2007

Zeebee! 1, 2, 3!

Fantastic name. Knitting the hat is nearly as much fun. Use whatever yarn you want, make the hat fit anyone you want.. and it goes so quickly. The interactive number generator even makes swatching fun. And I feel like a big dork admitting it, but I even enjoyed the grafting. The whole project just comes together so neatly.

I've finished Zeebee #1 for one of my nephews, and Zeebee #2 (for the other nephew) is nearing completion. Zeebee #3 will be for Me! Think it'll have to be made from the Beaverslide yarn I've been hoarding....

Pictures on the way when I've finished all the Christmas hats.

Last night, despite the temperature being somewhere in the 30's, we stopped in at Pitango for gelato. I'm not big on gelato, but this stuff's amazing. My cup was 1/2 full of cinnamon, 1/2 full of dark chocolate. Divine. If you're ever in the area, say.. buying yarn at A Good Yarn.. and are yearning for something sweet and fresh, you've gotta stop. And if you're not okay with a cold dessert in the winter, they have rich "sipping" hot chocolate that'll warm you right up. (You can also get a shot of hot chocolate with a shot of espresso! Ayy!) Seriously. Good stuff.

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