Tuesday, December 4, 2007


But oh how different they are!

Zeebee #1
Knit Picks Merino Style
Colors "Dusk" and "Storm"

Try as I might, I simply could not get good pictures of the hats today. At least this one shows my favorite part of this particular hat - how it all comes together at the top! The striping accentuates the utter coolness of short rows.

Zeebee #2
Tahki Donegal Tweed
Colors 839 (olive) & 844 (navy)

My counting skills must be lacking - and counting is unfortunately an integral part of figuring out gauge! (Who knew.) Z#2 turned out to be a bit short, so I picked up stitches and did 5 or 6 rows of reverse stockinette in olive. I like the look! Though, my favorite part is on the "inside" of the hat - if I were to keep this one, I'd wear it inside out.

Inside-out shot. Love the extra bits of color
parallel to the rolled brim!

One more Christmas hat to go! And I'm even halfway through it... yay! For some reason, I'm still having fun with hats and have a few more in the wings. I think I love that you can take one skein of yarn, a few hours of time, and have yourself a fun, warm, wooly hat to keep those ears toasty.

My ears like to be toasty.

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Meredith.Norlindh said...

I want a hat! I live in a freezing, icy, cold, cold place and you're one of my best friends and I miss you! And a matching scarf.. green brown and cream :) When you have time. I love you!