Wednesday, February 10, 2010


We survived the first snow with no major catastrophes. Ryan made it home safely (if grumpily). And I went on several awesome walks. The day after the big snow was clear and sunny. Perfect walking weather!

There's a definite air of festivity once the sky clears and people emerge. Neighbors collaborate on ideas for snow removal and car excavation. Music and laughter abound. And the local Farm Store becomes The Destination.

Unfortunately, just as Baltimore was starting to get all of us dug out, it began to snow again. I'm a bit dismayed because the our roads haven't really been plowed - and it looks like I may not make it to work (or anywhere else for that matter) for the rest of the week. One more foot of snow on top of almost 3 feet of packed snow.. no good!

But we're safe, warm, and have plenty of food and water. And since Ryan's home this time around, he got shovel duty! ;)

And he baked some pound cake, which I'm going to go eat now...

No more snow!


mom said...

I can see how HAPPY Ryan is to walk Radar! What gorgeous pictures!!! Thank you so much for posting! I would LOVE to out in the snow, but that is kindof impossible!!!!
Kep warm!
Love and HUGS to you ALL
Nanny says HI!!!! And keep knitting!!!!!!

Bea said...

Wow, that sure is some snow you have there! The forest comes to a standstill with just 3 inches of snow here :-( Yup, we are lightweights! Fab photos