Sunday, January 3, 2010

New York City

When my mom was little, she used to go into NYC with her dad to celebrate her birthday. Her birthday being so close to Christmas made it a perfect time to go - the city was even more decked out and sparkly than usual. It's been years since Mom has been to NYC in December, so it was time for another trip!

Ken, Ryan, Mom, and I took a very long drive to NJ, where we stopped at a friend's house and devoured her wonderful homemade eggplant parmesan. Dottie and her son then escorted us (through high winds and cold rain) halfway to the city on the train. Somehow, after they turned back for home, we managed to board the wrong Path train into the city and ended up far from our hotel. We got some help in the subway though, and finally made it to our warm beds.

We took full advantage of the warm(ish) weather and clear skies our first day there to walk 50 blocks to Central Park, and then all throughout the park. The boys donned their Christmas hats. (On the left is Ryan's Botanic, knit with "lettuce" Malabrigo and black Paton's merino. Ken's Koolhaas is on the right, in "Vaa" Malabrigo.)

I was very excited to see Tom Petty in bronze: ;)

And the Guggenheim was gorgeous.

The lobby of the Empire State Building was absolutely incredible. The craftsmanship that went into making this building is rare, and it looked impeccably maintained.

Our second (and final) day in the city started off with fantastically yummy bagels. We managed to see a lot, including Habu Textiles, Purl Soho, Murray's Cheese, and Uniqlo.

I was fascinated by the architecture in the city, and took more pictures of buildings than anything else.

I'd love to go back again, perhaps with a bit more pre-planning and a bit more time to spend. It was quite a trip!


Bea said...

Ohhhhhh, fab trip. I have never been to New York so yay to you going again for a longer and the prospect of more piccies to ooh and ahh over.

Hope you all had a great xmas and the new year brings you everything you would wish for yourself!

mom said...

Thanks for the wonderful!!!! was such fun even though a "little" rushed.
Thank you RYAN, for putting up with us!!! and for all the driving to, and back..........YOU are a GEM!
I would LOVE to go back......stay in the village........
Love YOU Mom xxxxoooooooooo

Mom said...


The picture of New York's skyline was beautiful. You have an incredible eye for the lens. I enjoyed all the pictures and your comments. You're right about the resemblance to Tom Petty. I laughed. I saw my neck warmer in your 2009 knitting collage. It’s a great picture of the lower half of your face. You looked like a model. You probably could have been one. You have the figure and the angular facial features that work so well in front of a camera. Stay warm this weekend. It’s got to be mind numbing cold there, because we might even get a little snow tonight.

Mom Too