Saturday, June 27, 2009

Pony pictures

Ryan has been awesome enough to take some pony pictures for me in the past:

He does a nice job, doesn't he?

Well, I've been making friends out at the barn, and so Ryan doesn't have to come out as often.

Addy has taken very well to working again. She has such a fantastic temperment - always ready and willing to do whatever I have planned for the day. I've really been enjoying lessons with our new instructor as well. Though I can only afford 2 lessons a month, I feel like we're progressing nicely. Christine constantly pushes us to try new things, operating on the philosophy that if you don't push the envelope, you won't move forward.

Well, we're off to Alexandria, VA for the afternoon. Tomorrow Christine rides at the PVDA Ride for Life show, and I'm going to get to really watch her ride for the first time. I'm excited! Pictures of that later...


Bea said...

Looking good Emily. Muttley took to rodeoing yesterday and I am recuperating today ;-)

ponyknit said...

You guys look great! I agree with your instructor completely, if you don't ask for more, you won't get it. I tell my students that ALL of the time. :)