Saturday, June 20, 2009

Crazy garden

The front garden is finished for this year. I made it about halfway across the hill, but have run out of inspiration. That's probably a good thing, because when I get the bug next year, I'll actually still have somewhere to plant. ;)

Being the dork that I am, I have plotted the layout of my garden in a pdf. Eventually it will also include pruning and fertilizing schedules for each of the plants, but.. that's for some other rainy day. And I won't bore you with that here. Instead, pictures!

The inspiration for this plot was crazy cottage gardens. My color scheme was to be mainly lavender and white, with some yellow here and there. Big plusses for plants with a propensity for spreading rapidly, for attracting butterflies/bees, and with long blooming times.

What cottage garden would be complete without a happy little English Lavender ("Jean Davis")?

Added some Salvia ("May Night" and "Snow Hill"), as well as some wild Bergamot / Bee Balm.

Some creeping thyme precariously placed by the parking pad.. as well as some catmint ("Little Titch") that the neighborhood cats have joyfully destroyed. A bit of baby's breath underneath a silvery juniper. The yellow was taken care of by some tickseed ("Jethro Tull" - pictured in a previous post), and the MD state flower: black-eyed Susan. Neither is blooming at the moment, so no pictures of those...

Then my whole color scheme was destroyed with the addition of another variety of bee balm:

Yes, it really is HOT pink. And I love it. Who knew. I guess it will be a crazy cottage garden after all.

The walkway around the side of the house is quite a sight right now, with lilies blooming in our yard and the neighbor's.

They're far from my favorite color, but are kinda cool paired with the tiger's eye sumac that we planted last year. It's chartreuse. And pink. Wheeee!

For some reason the colors of my photos are different once they've been uploaded by blogger. :/ I tried to get the color on this plant correct, because it really is weird.. but they've thwarted that plan. Oh well.

Happy gardening!

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mom said...

Hey Emily,
I'm Impressed indeed!!!!
Great Job!!!
Love, Mom