Wednesday, November 19, 2008

The countdown begins

The Christmas knitting is well underway, but I'm afraid that I didn't get started soon enough. That, and I keep getting distracted by things I want to make for myself. 'I will not be a selfish knitter! I will not be a selfish knitter!'

And then my coworkers (thank goodness there are only 3 of them) keep not-so-subtly hinting that they'd like handknit scarves and hats of their very own....

So I guess I better get back to knitting. And perhaps I should check on the chili I left simmering!

But not before I post another picture of Addy in her fall colors:

1 comment:

Bea said...

Just think of all the 'selfish' knitting you can do starting 26th December ;-)

Lovely pic of Addy.