Sunday, May 18, 2008


It's been awhile! Life has been busy. No real knitting content to add, as all my current projects are top secret. ;) (Well, except for the Puppy Love sweater, and I have yet to get good pictures of that.)

So, here's our latest foster hound, Zazie!

Is that not the most adorable face!? I was smitten with her the instant I saw her photo online. When I found out she was to be our foster dog, I was incredibly excited. And then I met her!

I seem to fall for animals that are timid and/or skittish. Maybe it's the underdog in me? Whatever it is, Zazie seems meant for me.

I wish wish wish we could keep her. Unfortunately, it would mean hiring a dog walker several days a week just so I could go ride Addy. I asked around - that's ~$18 a pop. Ugh. Adopting Zazie would also restrict our ability to go backpacking on random weekends, which is something we hope to start doing now that we have most of the gear we need. And then there's also the issue of moving to another country. I know that animals can be imported/exported.. but do I really want to put a pup through that twice in a few years? (Since we'd be moving there and back again.) I'm unsure about doing that with the animals we currently have. I don't want to be irresponsible just because those cute little eyebrows look worried, or the one ear flops over. And I don't want to fall for that enormous smile.

Hopefully she'll get adopted into the perfect family soon.

In other news, we have a (partial) garden! This was a huge undertaking, and I nearly turned it over to the pros a few times. It's not nearly as fancy as it could be, but I am so proud of what R and I accomplished.

It involved lots of planning. (If only I still had all those sheets of paper!) Many trips to many nurseries. Digging out hard-packed clay. Extracting rocks and roots.

And the trellis. My darling R actually built that for me!

We dug all those rocks, and piles more, out of the little bit of ground that was to be the garden. The exciting part is that I got the rock border that I wanted at the price that I wanted to pay ($0). Jackpot!

I wanted native plants that would grow in morning sun, require minimal care, and would attract butterflies and bees. I think I accomplished all that.

There is still a little left to do, but we have gotten the hard part out of the way. Wooohooo!

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Bea said...

Yup, that is a cute face. Well done with the gardening. It's all coming along nicely!