Saturday, May 24, 2008

The rain has finally stopped and has left nice cool days, acres of green green grass, and some very satisfied horses!

Aren't they a cute little herd? Really though, this is such an ideal situation for a horse. 24/7 turnout on 30+ acres with a happy, healthy group of horses. Safe fences, shade, and a natural watering hole. I love it, and I hope Addy does too.

Speaking of love - who doesn't love feathers?! Addy's are thin for much of the year (darn that Thoroughbred half!), but they're looking pretty good at the moment. So freakin' cute.

I think I've finally figured out a way that I can actually ride several times a week, even when we have a foster dog around. And it will be perfect for when the days start getting hotter, too. Just need to talk to the boss. I get so depressed knowing I have such a cute, capable mare just living her life out in a pasture. She's one of those mares that likes to work too.

Someday we'll get back in shape. Hopefully before winter. ;)

1 comment:

Bea said...

Looks like your loss is our gain where the rain is concerned!! I'm booking mine in for swimming lessons and building an ark if it carries on for much longer ;-)

Lovely pics, hope you manage to get more riding in soon.