Wednesday, October 5, 2011


I've always found time management to be difficult. Seems there are always far more things that I want to get done than I have time to do them in. This is especially true right now, as fall is arriving. My new barn job is fantastic, but leaves me with little time for my husband, let alone my hobbies. And any knitter knows that as the leaves start falling, the needles start twitching.

I suppose I should make a list of things that I absolutely "have" to get knit. Like the gray (handspun) cabled sweater and silvery (handspun) shawl that have been looming in the back of my brain for the past few seasons. I'm actually well on my way to having most of the yarn spun up for the former project, which makes me happy. And I have the fiber carded (from Sequin) for the shawl. But then I also want to knit a riding vest (designed by myself *last* fall), a few hats, and oh.. a couple of surprises. All of this has to wait until I finish the other 2 shawls on the needles....

Not to mention, I have many pounds of fleece in the basement that desperately need to be washed. And all sorts of lovely fiber that I'm dying to spin up. And photos to be edited, food to be cooked, friends and family to catch up with. Oh yes.. there's life to be lived.


I guess I'll get to all of it someday.

Or not.

So it goes!


Javajem said...

I've been thinking of you and wondering how you are! How's your husband doing? I hope things are going well. Look forward to seeing your latest knitting projects.

Bea said...

Oh I so know those twitchy needles. There just aren't enough hours in the day. Glad to see you blogging and hope that all is well with you both!