Monday, October 18, 2010

Bad Blogger!

Well, who's a bad blogger now? Yup, that'd be me! I keep thinking "I need to write a post!".. but then of course, I never get around to it. So I was a little horrified to see that my last post was in July..... oops!I do have a pretty good excuse for not updating the blog though - I've been busy! Almost every weekend has been packed chock-full of travel, fiber, and/or ponies. Hardly a moment for rest.

Let's see how well I can condense this. At least I have pictures to help me remember!

The end of July:

Montgomery County Farm Tour:

Chicken in the goat field, stealing the goat corn

Pigs contentedly expressing their pigness at Poplar Springs Animal Sanctuary

Alpaca at Blue Ribbon Alpacas (check out his buddy's 'fro!)

Pat and Minh Chau came up for a visit the next weekend, to check out the Cylburn Arboretum. We love it there - tranquil gardens and woods, right in the middle of B'more.


August! Seems to have been somewhat of a black hole month. I can only remember one thing from August.. knit day at the Mannings!

There were plenty more people there.. but this shot is of my knit night buddies. We chose to sit across the street from the store and the rest of the people - to get a great view of the river and bridge. Very peaceful.

September was wild. Ryan got a new 'do:

Super-talented Kerry hosted a knit night dye party, where she taught us about dyeing, and then let us loose with her dyes:

(This is just a small portion of the fiber we dyed!)

And then, Shenandoah Valley Fiber Fest, which actually deserves a post all it's own. Alas, I'm out of time and wind.....

I almost brought home a puppy!
(Not really, but how irresistible is this little dude!?)

But I did bring home My First Fleece!

So.. a bit of a silly & scattered post, but I feel better now that I've gotten somewhat caught up. I'm going to try to be a better blogger from now on!


Bea said...

Great pics, you live in a very beautiful area! Love the dyeing pics, when are we going to see Emily dyed yarn/fibre?

mom said...

LOVE the pics! Have missed your blogging...........should've gotten the puppy!!!!!?????
Love YOU! Mom