Thursday, March 25, 2010


Feels like it's been awhile. Or maybe a lot has happened.

Miss Radar has been adopted...

..and the house is a bit more empty...

But I guess that's a good thing, because now I have more time to spend with my pony. And apparently we really need it.

Don't ask.

But I also have more time for basking in the warmth (in my hammock), gardening, knitting, and my two new time-sucks: knit night and spinning. More on the latter later.

Because now it's time for bed. 'Night!


Bea said...

Spinning huh? Nothing to do with me, no sir, nothing at all ;-) I must get myself organised and send you that handspun I promised you. Glad to hear you are going to be having more horse time, are you planning to do any competitions this year??

Anonymous said...

What a cute pony... I have a Welsh cross too, and my trainer has a nice dressage cob. Great breed!