Sunday, September 20, 2009

Knitterly weather, knitterly things

The weather this weekend has been incredible. Crisp, clear.. very fall! Sweater weather! (Almost.)

This is my Tempest cardigan, knit this past spring from 2 skeins of the Woolen Rabbit's Harmony sock yarn. It's not actually complete, since I haven't finished the hems and the button band needs to be re-done. That hasn't kept me from wearing it often!

It knit up quickly and mindlessly - it's a great pattern. I have plans for at least one more, though that one will likely end up a scoop neck pullover instead of a cardigan. Rav link.

Labor Day weekend we had our first hint of fall, and I cast on immediately for the Owls sweater. Mine was knit with Classic Elite's sadly discontinued Skye Tweed, which is a lighter weight yarn than the pattern called for. However, modification was easy, thanks to all the notes on Ravelry.

I completed the sweater in 4 days, and blocked beautifully. Hopefully I'll get some action shots of it soon. The owls are adorable! Rav link.

And of course, with fall, the Christmas knitting season has officially begun. This hat ended up a bit too big for its intended recipient, but that's okay, 'cause it's gorgeous. The photos are dark and the hat unfinished, but trust me.

This is Stephen West's Botanic Hat. Since it's a two-color hat from worsted yarn, it's great for using up those little leftover balls laying around. And if you're a knitter and somehow haven't checked out Stephen's other designs, do! They're fun, innovative, and very wearable.

Botanic (rav link) is reversible. I can't decide which side I like best. This one, my first, is knit with Cascade 220 in light gray and Malabrigo in Stonechat (which Mom purchased for me several years ago in Richmond, and became a very long scarf with just a little leftover...). If I didn't have plans to use all my leftovers for a stripey pullover, I'd have about 6 of these hats already...

There are other Christmas knits as well as baby knits, but I'm feeling a bit too rambly today. So, some other day!

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