Saturday, February 21, 2009

Home for a pony

My girlie's looking for a new home. Not a new mom, mind you.. just a new home.

We both like the farm she's at now, but there are some issues. 1) Buddies. No one out there ever rides, so the inspiration I so desperately need to make me seriously ride just does not exist. Addy's prime years are being wasted away. 2) Facilities. Being a Florida girl, I didn't quite realize the necessity of an indoor arena. Not only am I not disciplined enough to ride outside when it's 30 degrees.. but the footing freezes! Ugh. 3) Grass. There's just too much of the stuff! Leaving Adventure on pasture 24/7 will surely end poorly. I do not want a foundered pony. Unfortunately, the farm we're at will not stall boarders' horses, and I do not want to muzzle Addy 12 hours a day if we have an alternative.

So I've been farm shopping, which is no easy task! Yesterday I visited 2 farms, and I'm hoping to visit a few more in the coming weeks. My ideal farm would be small, have an active group of dressage riders, offer full care stall board* with group turnout, have knowledgeable caretakers, and be within a 30 minute drive of home. Too bad all that, if it even exists, will cost far more than I'm able to afford....

We'll see. We have until the arrival of spring to get this sorted out.

*A happy alternative would be group turnout, 8-12 hours on pasture, the rest on a dry lot. Unfortunately, most farm managers up here don't seem to understand that while ugly, dry lots are necessary for some horses.


Shadow Rider said...

Hey, e-mail me and we'll talk farms. I'm here in Md too, been living here since 1988, and have boarded in more barns than I can count.

Bea said...

Sorry to hear that you are having to find another home for Addy. I know only too well what it is like to be at livery where no one rides. Fingers crossed you find the perfect place soon.