Friday, August 31, 2007

Here goes...

So I've finally given in. Shameful! But being a part of the blogging community (especially those knitters!) is just too tempting to pass up. And who doesn't like to be a little self-indulgent every once in awhile?

If you stick around, you'll probably find me talking most about 3 things that rule my life, and my goals for each:

Knitting: I'm a perfectionist, and want things to fit perfectly. I want them to feel wonderful, be useful, and be 'me.' Knitting seems well-suited to these sentiments.. plus it's just addictive. Zillions of colors, exquisite textures, fun math, and the thrill of getting everything Just Right. Yes, I'm unfortunately addicted.

Adventure: My partner in dressage.. Dragon's Lair Adventure. I am totally smitten with her. She is half Welsh Cob, half Thoroughbred. She's gorgeous, hilarious, talented, honest, and oh-so-friendly (especially if you have food). Someday we will get to Second Level!

Squirrel: Ha. No goals for this kitty. But she insisted to be let in on the fun.

So that's that!

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